A Proportion-Air QB2 pilots a high pressure ratio regulator for gas assist in this injection molding application. A polymer is introduced into the mold and the pressure control assembly forces the polymer into the mold and it then cools into the shape of the mold.

A QB2 piloting a high pressure ratio regulator and a DST pressure transducer control the pressure of a gas-assisted injection molding. Gas pressurized up to 7,500 PSI follows a partial polymer fill to create hollow channels and cover all the internal surfaces. The part has stiffness without additional weight.

Injection moulding (molding) is a very common process employed by numerous industries, including glass, plastics and metals. Some of the products produced by this process include bottles, bottle caps, automotive components, chairs, storage containers, gears and many other items we use on a daily basis.

This process requires repeatable and accurate pressure control – both Proportion-Air specialties!

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