ToolReg® Compressed Air Tool Regulator

ToolReg® Compressed Air Tool Regulator


The ToolReg regulator is an independent piston regulator that can be mounted on any pneumatic tool or installed in every compressed air system. It supplies a constant, exact outlet pressure regardless of the inlet pressure. The pressure is factory-set and cannot be changed. The ToolReg prevents “dynamic pressure waste.” This arises when the pressure and flow at the withdrawal point are unnecessarily higher than those specified by the manufacturer to achieve the desired function. Dynamic pressure waste is extremely costly, and a waste of energy that may be found throughout industry.


  • Automatic secondary pressure relief
  • Protection guaranteed, no residual pressure remains in the tool
  • Factory preset
  • Tamper proof
  • High flow performance, up to 160 SCFM (3/4″)
  • High pressure performance, P1 up to 363 PSIG
  • Saves energy, reduces costs
  • Increases device service life


The Problem
Pipes of all sizes that transport various materials often need to be plugged for maintenance and repairs. A popular method for temporarily plugging pipes is to use inflatable bags with air pressure. The potential to overfill and ultimately burst the inflatable pipe plug bag is very real and can result in costly damage.

The Solution
A ToolReg can be used in the pipe plug inflation process to release excess pressure that leads to exploding pipe plug bags. The ToolReg helps control the amount of pressure inflating the bag while automatically releasing any excess pressure that could result in over pressurization. The ToolReg comes in multiple sizes and pressure ranges for pipe plug inflation with both male and female connections points available.

The Problem
The air pressure supply to staplers and nail guns can be manually adjusted upward. Often, an operator will raise the air pressure to higher pressures than the tool is designed for. This can permanently damage the tool or simply cause it not to operate properly. When disconnecting the air source there is often enough compressed air still in the tool to activate a single unplanned discharge. This is also potentially dangerous and damaging.

The Solution
Mounting a ToolReg directly to the tool in use will help prevent damage to air tools and regulate the amount of air pressure the gun is receiving. Each ToolReg has a pre-set PSIG rating that cannot be adjusted, modified or tampered with. The ToolReg is also self relieving so, as soon as the air source is disconnected any excess air remaining in the gun is released. This prevents any unwanted activation of the tool and any potential damage or injury from occurring.

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Technical Specs

Max Inlet Pressure363 PSI (25 Bar)
Temperature Range32 to 176°F (0 to 80°C)
MaterialsAluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel, PPH and NBR
Weight1/4″, F/F = 1.05 oz. (30 g)
1/4″, F/M = 1.41 oz. (40 g)
3/8″, F/F = 1.7 oz. (48 g)
1/2″, F/F = 3.53 oz. (100 g)
3/4″, F/F = 9.8 oz. (278 g)
Dimensions1/4″, F/F = 2.32"x0.75"x0.75"
1/4″, F/M = 2.72"x0.75"x0.75"
3/8″, F/F = 2.48"x0.98"x0.98"
1/2″, F/F = 2.68"x1.18"x1.18"
3/4″, F/F = 4"x1.58"x1.58"


ToolReg part identification
PTR232: ToolReg
AS or A: F/F connection or FS: F/M connection
12: 1/4″ NPT or 13: 3/8″ NPT or 14: 1/2″ NPT or 15: 3/4″ NPT or 03: 3/8 BSP
Last 2-3 numbers: Pressure rating
PTR232AS12105, PTR232AS12120, PTR232AS1230, PTR232AS1245, PTR232AS1260, PTR232AS1275, PTR232AS1290, PTR232AS13105, PTR232AS13120, PTR232AS1330, PTR232AS1345, PTR232AS1360, PTR232AS1375, PTR232AS1390, PTR232AS14105, PTR232AS14120, PTR232AS1430, PTR232AS1445, PTR232AS1460, PTR232AS1475, PTR232AS1490, PTR232AS15120, PTR232AS1530, PTR232AS1560, PTR232AS1590, PTR232FS12105, PTR232FS12120, PTR232FS1230, PTR232FS1245, PTR232FS1260, PTR232FS1275, PTR232FS1290, PTR232FS1390, PTR232FS1430, PTR232FS1445, PTR232FS1460, PTR232FS1490

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For pneumatic tools, the ToolReg® should be mounted directly on the tool in order to ensure the correct pressure delivery. This eliminates the possibility of pressure drop in hoses and tubes and provides extremely consistent results for better tool service life and functionality. As an added safety feature, the ToolReg relieves all residual pressure when disconnected from the compressed air supply line, preventing unintentional actuation of the tool, which could result in disastrous consequences.


Thread ConnectionMax Inlet PressureMax Regulated Output PressureMax FlowTolerancesToolReg Part Number
1/4" F/F, NPT363 psig (25 bar)30 psig26 scfm± 4 psigPTR232AS1230
1/4" F/M, NPT363 psig (25 bar)30 psig26 scfm± 4 psigPTR232FS1230
1/4" F/F, NPT363 psig (25 bar)45 psig26 scfm± 4 psigPTR232AS1245
1/4" F/M, NPT363 psig (25 bar)45 psig26 scfm± 4 psigPTR232FS1245
1/4" F/F, NPT363 psig (25 bar)60 psig26 scfm± 6 psigPTR232AS1260
1/4" F/M, NPT363 psig (25 bar)60 psig26 scfm± 6 psigPTR232FS1260
1/4" F/F, NPT363 psig (25 bar)75 psig26 scfm± 7.5 psigPTR232AS1275
1/4" F/M, NPT363 psig (25 bar)75 psig26 scfm± 7.5 psigPTR232FS1275
1/4" F/F, NPT363 psig (25 bar)90 psig26 scfm± 9 psigPTR232AS1290
1/4" F/M, NPT363 psig (25 bar)90 psig26 scfm± 9 psigPTR232FS1290
1/4" F/F, NPT363 psig (25 bar)105 psig26 scfm± 10 psigPTR232AS12105
1/4" F/M, NPT363 psig (25 bar)105 psig26 scfm± 10 psigPTR232FS12105
1/4" F/F, NPT363 psig (25 bar)120 psig26 scfm± 12 psigPTR232AS12120
1/4" F/M, NPT363 psig (25 bar)120 psig26 scfm± 12 psigPTR232FS12120
3/8" F/F, NPT363 psig (25 bar)30 psig70 scfm± 4 psigPTR232AS1330
3/8" F/F, NPT363 psig (25 bar)45 psig70 scfm± 4.5 psigPTR232AS1345
3/8" F/F, NPT363 psig (25 bar)60 psig70 scfm± 6 psigPTR232AS1360
3/8" F/F, NPT363 psig (25 bar)75 psig70 scfm± 7.5 psigPTR232AS1375
3/8" F/F, NPT363 psig (25 bar)90 psig70 scfm± 9 psigPTR232AS1390
3/8" F/M, NPT363 psig (25 bar)90 psig70 scfm± 9 psigPTR232FS1390
3/8" F/F, NPT363 psig (25 bar)105 psig70 scfm± 10 psigPTR232AS13105
3/8" F/F, NPT363 psig (25 bar)120 psig70 scfm± 12 psigPTR232AS13120
1/2" F/F, NPT363 psig (25 bar)30 psig106 scfm± 4 psigPTR232AS1430
1/2" F/F, NPT363 psig (25 bar)45 psig106 scfm± 4.5 psigPTR232AS1445
1/2" F/F, NPT363 psig (25 bar)60 psig106 scfm± 6 psigPTR232AS1460
1/2" F/M, NPT363 psig (25 bar)60 psig106 scfm± 6 psigPTR232FS1460
1/2" F/F, NPT363 psig (25 bar)75 psig106 scfm± 7.5 psigPTR232AS1475
1/2" F/F, NPT363 psig (25 bar)90 psig106 scfm± 9 psigPTR232AS1490
1/2" F/M, NPT363 psig (25 bar)90 psig106 scfm± 9 psigPTR232FS1490
1/2" F/F, NPT363 psig (25 bar)105 psig106 scfm± 10 psigPTR232AS14105
1/2" F/F, NPT363 psig (25 bar)120 psig106 scfm± 12 psigPTR232AS14120
3/4" F/F, NPT363 psig (25 bar)30 psig160 scfm± 4.35 psigPTR232AS1530
3/4" F/F, NPT363 psig (25 bar)60 psig160 scfm± 6 psigPTR232AS1560
3/4" F/F, NPT363 psig (25 bar)90 psig160 scfm± 9 psigPTR232AS1590
3/4" F/F, NPT363 psig (25 bar)120 psig160 scfm± 12 psigPTR232AS15120