CartReg Regulator for Blow Guns and Pneumatic Tools


CartReg Regulator for Blow Guns and Pneumatic Tools


The CartReg pre-set miniature regulator is installed in the compressed air supply line. It is designed to help meet OSHA and other safety agency requirements from 29 psig up to 120 psig (8 Bar) pressure for pneumatic air guns. The CartReg can easily be threaded into any 1/4″ air blow gun and pneumatic tool and is an economical means to maintain the ideal pressure requirements.

Reduce Noise and Overall Decibel Levels
The Problem
Simply put: noise. Many job sites and manufacturing facilities have tools and machinery constantly running that create large amounts of noise that can be harmful to workers without the proper precautions in place. One culprit of additional noise is the unregulated (and often too high of pressure) that is feeding pneumatic tools and air guns.

The Solution
By adding a CartReg to your pneumatic tools and air guns, the amount of pressure will be regulated and sound will be reduced. Any opportunity to reduce noise in the work environment should be taken advantage of and is beneficial to everyone in the prevention of permanent hearing loss.

Regulate Pressure to Air Guns (Protect Air Guns)
The Problem

Often, employees and operators of air guns will turn up the air pressure on air wands and blowers beyond the necessary pressure to perform the task required. These higher air pressures not only break safety standards, often resulting in large fines for companies but, they are dangerous and can cause serious bodily harm if the high pressure air comes into contact with a worker’s skin. The price of a safe workplace is far less than the cost of just the insurance premiums in unsafe workplaces.

The Solution
A CartReg can be mounted directly to an air gun or air wand to regulate pressure to air guns and wands. The CartReg is a regulator that only allows a specific amount of pressure through to the tool. It is small, easily installed and will help keep the air pressure to your tools at levels that OSHA has deemed to be safe. The CartReg is also pre-set so, it cannot be adjusted, modified or tampered with by workers.

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Technical Specs

Max Inlet Pressure174 PSI (12 Bar)
Temperature Range:-4°F to 140°F (-20 to 60°C)
P1 Inlet ThreadFemale/Male or Male/Male (legacy)
MaterialsBrass, Stainless Steel and NBR
Weight0.5oz. (14g)
Dimensions25" x 0.59" x 0.59"

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Regulate Pressure to Blow Guns

Do your employees and operators of pneumatic blow guns constantly turn up the air pressure on the air wands and blowers beyond the necessary pressure to perform the task at hand? Not only do the higher air pressures violate safety standards, often resulting in cumbersome fines for the company, but they are dangerous and could potentially cause serious bodily harm when a worker’s skin comes into contact with the high pressure. The situation above can be completely avoided by installing a CartReg directly into an blow gun or air wand and regulating (limiting) pressure to the device. CartReg is small and can be installed easily. Remember, the CartReg is PRESET, so it cannot be adjusted, modified or tampered with by employees and operators.

Reduce Noise & Decibel Levels

Many production facilities and job sites utilize pneumatic blow guns and constantly have machinery running. This can create a high decibel environment which is harmful to employees and requires the proper safety precautions to mitigate. A big contributing culprit of additional noise in the workplace is the often unregulated (and probably too high!) pressure that is feeding your pneumatic tools and air guns. A CartReg can be added to your pneumatic blow guns and air wands to reduce the overall decibel level and control the exact amount of pressure feeding your tools, which will extend the life of your pneumatic tools as well. Protect your pneumatic tool investment and help keep your employees safe with CartReg.


Thread ConnectionMax Inlet PressureMax Regulated Output PressureMax FlowTolerancesCartReg Part Number
1/4" BSP12 bar2 bar396 lpm±0.6 bar (Pe 6 bar)PCR233G0220
1/4" NPT174 psig60 psig14 scfm±11.6 psig (Pe 87 psig)PCR233S1260
1/4" BSP12 bar4 bar396 lpm±0.8 bar (Pe 6 bar)PCR233G0420
1/4" NPT174 psig90 psig14 scfm±14.5 psig (Pe 145 psig)PCR233S1290
1/4" BSP12 bar6 bar396 lpm±1 bar (Pe 10 bar)PCR233G0620
1/4", F/M, NPT174 psig29 psig12.5 scfm0/-4.5 psig (Pe 87 psig)PCR233FS1229
1/4", F/M, BSP12 bar2 bar350 lpm±0.3 bar (Pe 6 bar)PCR233F0220
1/4", F/M, NPT174 psig30 psig12.5 scfm±8.7 psig (Pe 87 psig)PCR233FS1230
1/4", F/M, BSP12 bar2 bar350 lpm±0.6 bar (Pe 6 bar)PCR233F0220
1/4", F/M, NPT174 psig45 psig12.5 scfm±10.1 psig (Pe 87 psig)PCR233FS1245
1/4", F/M, BSP12 bar3 bar350 lpm±0.7 bar(Pe 6 bar)PCR233F0230
1/4", F/M, NPT174 psig60 psig12.5 scfm±11.6 psig (Pe 87 psig)PCR233FS1260
1/4", F/M, BSP12 bar4 bar350 lpm±0.8 bar(Pe 6 bar)PCR233F0240
1/4", F/M, NPT174 psig90 psig12.5 scfm±14.5 psig (Pe 145 psig)PCR233FS1290
1/4", F/M, BSP12 bar6 bar350 lpm±1 bar (Pe 10 bar)PCR233F0260
1/4", F/M, NPT174 psig120 psig12.5 scfm±17.5 psig (Pe 145 psig)PCR233FS12120
1/4", F/M, BSP12 bar8 bar350 lpm±1.2 bar (Pe 10 bar)PCR233F0280