the P2 Profiler

A simple programmable piecewise signal generator. The P2 Profiler PLC is designed to work with or without your PLC to create, modify and run custom pressure profiles with ease.

P2 Profiler PLC - EVENTS


96 Operational events can be programmed with each profile.



Event time resolution is equal to 1ms ±0.25ms.

P2 Profiler PLC - TRIGGERS


For each programmed event, 3 customizable triggers exist.


profile in Excel

P2 Profiler PLC


profile to P2 Profiler

P2 Profiler PLC



P2 Profiler PLC

About the P2 Profiler PLC

The P2 Profiler is a standalone server that incorporates a mini PLC controller. This mini PLC controller can either be housed in most Proportion-Air pressure and flow control devices or implemented with a go between external device. The server will execute pressure or flow changes based on time and/or input triggers. With the execution of an event, the pressure (or flow) will go to the programmed event output for the programmed time. Once time has expired, it will advance to the next event, executing each event in order until all events have been executed.

Video: P2 Profiler Demo

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I only control pressure using the P2 Profiler PLC?

No. The P2 Profiler PLC can be used in conjunction with Proportion-Air pressure and flow controllers to control any of our six basic applications: PRESSURE, FLOW, VACUUM, FORCE, TENSION or TORQUE.

…you can even control the TEMPERATURE of saturated steam!

Can the output pressure or flow be ramped?
Yes. The P2 Profiler PLC will automatically adjust the ramp steps to provide a smooth transition between the current setupoint and the new setpoint, when ‘yes’ is selected under the ramp heading.
Do I have to re-upload the excel file everytime I modify the profile?
No. Once the profile is uploaded, the parameters of the profile can be modified directly in the GUI (Graphical User Interface).
Do I need a PLC to control the P2 Profiler?
No. The P2 Profiler is a mini PLC controller that does not require a PLC for operation. The P2 Profiler hardware can be integrated into most of our pressure and flow control products. However, the P2 Profiler can be programmed and controlled by a PLC if desired.
I have multiple electronic valves, can I control them all from one screen?
Yes, you can easily switch between all of your valves within the P2 Profiler dashboard. Each device (with the appropriate hardware) is self-discoverable on the network and will show up in the dashboard, ready to go!
Is it possible to use the P2 Profiler PLC with older I/Ps and E/Ps?

Yes. The P2 Profiler is available with an external connection box that can be used to connect to any analog commanded pressure regulator.




Download Software

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    Electrical Power

    Supply Voltage 15-24 VDC
    Supply Current 400 mA
    Elec. Connector M12, 8-pin


    Command Resolution 16 bits
    Feedback Resolution 16 bits

    Network Interface

    Interface Ethernet, 10 Base-T or 100 Base-TX (autosensing)
    Protocols TCP/IP, UDP/IP, DHCP
    Connector M12 D-Code Ethernet


    Operating Temps 32-158˚F (0-70˚C)

    Operational Details

    Number of Events 1 to 96 Events
    Event Resolution 1ms ±0.25ms
    Pressure Resolution ±0.02 PSI
    Trigger +3 to + 24 VDC,  3-triggers/event

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