Proportion-Air can build a liquid pressure control assembly to control the pressure of oil in a fuel pump test. Our QB2 is used to pilot the liquid regulator with our DST transducer providing direct feedback to the QB2. This assembly provides accuracy up to +/-0.5%.

A QB2 receives a command signal from a PLC or controller equivalent to the air pressure required to open the diaphragm of the liquid non-venting regulator,  allowing the desired amount of fluid oil pressure to pass through. The DST stainless steel pressure transducer is measuring the pressure of the fluid and is providing a second loop feedback to the QB2. The monitor signal can be connected to the PLC or digital panel meter to display the exact pressure going to the fuel pump.

We build our own non-venting liquid regulators with our Burling Valve brand. Learn more about the QB2 here and here.