Automotive components must be tested at regular intervals to ensure quality standards. A fuel pump back-pressure test stand can be built with Proportion-Air (and Burling Valve) components to handle the testing of a variety of fuel pump sizes.

In this application, a QB2 mounted on an Burling Valve BD-Series (dome-loaded) back-pressure regulator is controlling upstream pressure in a fuel pump test. A flow monitor is downstream measuring flow and sending a signal to the controls, which is sending a command signal to the QB2 to either increase or decrease the pressure in the fuel to meet the specific requirements of the test. This flow monitoring feedback enables one test bench for a variety of fuel pump sizes.

It would be very expensive (and dangerous) to use actual fuel for this test, which is why the fluid is a “fuel mimic,” called Stoddard Solvent, or “white spirit.” It mimics the characteristics of fuel without being nearly as flammable. However, it is a liquid – so the Proportion-Air DST stainless steel sensor is used as 2nd loop feedback to the QB2 for compatibility.