Controlling Pressure in a Radiator Leak Test

Radiator Leak Test

Controlling Pressure in a Radiator Leak Test

A QB1 is controlling pressure in a radiator leak test to ensure quality. A command is given to the QB1 by the DC-series potentiometer to the desired pressure. The DS external pressure transducer senses the pressure and provides a signal to a panel meter to indicate whether the radiator is holding the desired pressure.

The purpose of this test is to test part for pressure holding or leaks. If leaks are present, the manufacturing is paused until the reason for the defect is known and fixed.

This radiator leak test is done by controlling the pressure of air going to a radiator. Once the desired pressure is achieved, a shut-off valve is actuated to hold the pressure. An external pressure transducer is sensing the pressure and providing an analog output to a display (and a PLC) showing/recording the pressure.

The QBX model is ideal for this application

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