Mechanical pressure regulators like spring-loaded regulators or pilot-operated volume boosters play a key role in maintaining pressure in fluid systems. Unfortunately, the performance of these pressure regulators can be affected by inaccuracies. Understanding the mechanics of pressure regulators and how they operate can shed light on common inaccuracies and how to address them. The Role … Continued

The test and analytics market for manufactured products is expansive. Nearly every product undergoes testing to ensure its quality, whether the specifications are set by the industry, an individual company or the government. Tests that control the amount of pressure or flow a product can withstand are common ways to check for potential weaknesses or leaks. … Continued

What’s a Steam Regulator? And why it may be a much better choice than a complicated control valve My training on controlling temperature using saturated steam did not come from a thermal dynamics or other university course. I learned the basic art of temperature control from very wise engineer customers and since I didn’t come with textbook … Continued

Product of the Month | QPV1 Our monthly “product of the month” series continues on with the QPV1, a high resolution pressure control valve. The QPV1 utilizes a true proportional inlet valve that eliminates digital stepping by employing a variable orifice. It uses a field adjustable dead-band to add stability to optimize performance in your … Continued

Product of the Month | GX1 Continuing our series, we’ve chosen the GX1 as our product of the month for January 2017. Happy New Year! Longtime customers may recognize the name “GP”, which was a previous generation, highly successful high pressure valve built by Proportion-Air. However, after our engineers and designers went back to the … Continued

QB1 | Electronic Pressure Control Valve This month’s Product of the Month is the QB1, a versatile low-cost pressure control valve used in a variety of applications over the course of many industries. The QB1 is a closed-loop PCV and can be assembled to an air piloted regularly or can be used as a standalone … Continued

Electronic Regulators vs. I/Ps and E/Ps Just like most industries, manufacturing and industrial automation has a language of its own. There are many acronyms, specialty words and distinct terms to know. Words like actuator, PID (proportional-integral-derivative), and transducer can all be paired with phrases like closed-loop, discrete control and ladder logic. Two of the most … Continued

New Pressure Regulator Introduced as a Replacement for BB Series   This publication announces the discontinuance of the BB series proportional regulator by Proportion-Air, Inc. and introduces the replacement product. On September 30, 1985 the BB series electro-pneumatic proportional pressure regulator was born. It was the first closed-loop two valve and sensor electro-pneumatic proportional regulator … Continued

Pressure Ranges Have Changed Pressure range capabilities have changed on several Proportion-Air products. The list below reflects the new information. Please make a note and feel free to call us at 317-335-2602 if you have any questions about which pressure ranges have changed. QB1T and QB2T series: They can work from full vacuum to 175 … Continued