Product of the Month | QB1

QB1 | Electronic Pressure Control Valve This month’s Product of the Month is the QB1, a versatile low-cost pressure control valve used in a variety of applications over the course of many industries. The QB1 is a closed-loop PCV and can be assembled to an air piloted regularly or can be used as a standalone … Continued

Electronic Regulators vs. I/Ps and E/Ps

Electronic Regulators vs. I/Ps and E/Ps Just like most industries, manufacturing and industrial automation has a language of its own. There are many acronyms, specialty words and distinct terms to know. Words like actuator, PID (proportional-integral-derivative), and transducer can all be paired with phrases like closed-loop, discrete control and ladder logic. Two of the most … Continued

BB Series Pressure Regulator to be Discontinued

New Pressure Regulator Introduced as a Replacement for BB Series   This publication announces the discontinuance of the BB series proportional regulator by Proportion-Air, Inc. and introduces the replacement product. On September 30, 1985 the BB series electro-pneumatic proportional pressure regulator was born. It was the first closed-loop two valve and sensor electro-pneumatic proportional regulator … Continued