Gas Flows as Low as 2 SCFH Measured & Controlled

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Gas Flows as Low as 2 SCFH May Now Be Measured and Controlled Real Time! McCORDSVILLE, Indiana-The F-series flow transducer from Proportion-Air is capable of measuring gas flows as low as 2scfh, with a real-time output of 0-10volts or 4-20mA. The pressure changes that occur when a gas is passed through a … Continued

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Real-Time Pressure Based Flow Measurement McCORDSVILLE, Indiana – The F-Series from Proportion-Air uses pressure change through a venturi to determine the flow of gas. This gives you the output in real-time. No sampling, calculating, averaging, or delays. Available 0-10 volts or 4-20mA ranges start below 1scfm and extend through 250scfm and are … Continued

Pressure Compensated Flow Monitors

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Pressure Compensated Flow Monitors Now Available! McCORDSVILLE, Indiana – The F Series flow monitor from Proportion-Air is now available with pressure compensation over a wide range of operating pressures. The pressure based flow monitor is capable of providing a real time output of flow in the form of a 0-10V or 4-20mA … Continued