It’s January, and we want to know: What’s your resolution? Ours is a maximum of ±0.005%. Maybe we’re not talking about the same thing, but they’re both timely topics. Our monthly newsletter has returned, and this month, the subject is resolution. Our high resolution products like the QPV, MPV and QL3 use a proportional valve … Continued

Improving Industrial Automation Curricula

It’s as common as the cold – students attend an academic program for two or four years, learning all the theories about the subject they’re studying. They take tests, write reports and graduate with an immense amount of knowledge. But not much practical experience. Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis’ Elaine Cooney is an educator committed to … Continued

High Accuracy Testing at High Pressures

The test and analytics market for manufactured products is expansive. Nearly every product undergoes testing to ensure its quality, whether the specifications are set by the industry, an individual company or the government. Tests that control the amount of pressure or flow a product can withstand are common ways to check for potential weaknesses or leaks. … Continued

After a full school year of planning, building and experimenting, our Pneumatic Lab team completed their capstone project. They presented the final product – three pneumatic lab setups with guides – at the Purdue Polytechnic Tech Expo on April 27. Reflections on the project At our last update, the labs were being tested with students … Continued

Pneumatic Lab Team in the Home Stretch

It’s the middle of April, it’s finally warming up and the pneumatic lab team from Purdue Polytechnic Institute can feel the end of the school year upon them. They’ve nearly completed their entire capstone project, but a couple steps remain for Gate 5. Building the lab Early in the capstone, the team had several ideas … Continued

What’s a Steam Regulator?

What’s a Steam Regulator? And why it may be a much better choice than a complicated control valve My training on controlling temperature using saturated steam did not come from a thermal dynamics or other university course. I learned the basic art of temperature control from very wise engineer customers and since I didn’t come with textbook … Continued

One More Gate Down for the Pneumatic Lab Team

With the second semester of the 2017-18 school year underway, our pneumatic lab team has now passed four of the six gates to completing their capstone project. They spent the last month or so working on Gate 4. This gate included creating design plans to build and refine the three labs they have selected. Now … Continued

The Halfway Point

According to the calendar, our student team has reached the halfway point – Gate 3 – on their pneumatic lab capstone project. That halfway point is a big one for Purdue Polytechnic Institute capstone teams. Our team joined 30 other capstone groups in the Purdue Memorial Union last week. Each team presented a poster that … Continued

“That’s great…in theory.” We’ve all heard it – the insinuation that an idea is flawed because there doesn’t seem to be a real-life example of success. Companies like Proportion-Air, which offer only a few product series that can be customized for a wide range of applications, are always looking for people who push the limits … Continued