Manufacturing Marvels Profiles Proportion-Air MCCORDSVILLE, Ind. – Proportion-Air will be a featured segment on Manufacturing Marvels ® on February 6, 2015 on the Fox Business Network between 8:30-8:44pm CST. “The whole team is very excited to have our company featured in this segment. We take great pride in our finished product and the values Proportion-Air … Continued

BB Series Pressure Regulator to be Discontinued

New Pressure Regulator Introduced as a Replacement for BB Series   This publication announces the discontinuance of the BB series proportional regulator by Proportion-Air, Inc. and introduces the replacement product. On September 30, 1985 the BB series electro-pneumatic proportional pressure regulator was born. It was the first closed-loop two valve and sensor electro-pneumatic proportional regulator … Continued

ISF Helps Achieve EPA Requirements On August 16th 2012 the EPA published a new rule – EPA-HQ-OAR-2010-0505 states that continuous bleed natural gas-driven pneumatic controllers between the wellhead and the gas processing plant must have a bleed rate not greater than 6 SCFH. The gas industry has until October 15, 2013 to comply. Proportion-Air’s ISF1 … Continued

Electronic Regulator Uses O-ring for Seat

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Electronic Regulator Uses O-ring for Seat, Any Material! McCORDSVILLE, Indiana – Proportion-Air introduces the QB3, an electronic pressure regulator that uses replaceable o-rings as seats and seals. If your application requires special elastomers or materials, all o-rings and seals are replaceable or exchangeable for a new or different elastomer. The o-rings for … Continued

Gas Flows as Low as 2 SCFH Measured & Controlled

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Gas Flows as Low as 2 SCFH May Now Be Measured and Controlled Real Time! McCORDSVILLE, Indiana-The F-series flow transducer from Proportion-Air is capable of measuring gas flows as low as 2scfh, with a real-time output of 0-10volts or 4-20mA. The pressure changes that occur when a gas is passed through a … Continued

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Valve, Actuator, Positioner & I to P all-in-One Package! McCORDSVILLE, Indiana – Proportion-Air introduces a 1-inch control valve that does the job of a host of products. The FCV incorporates an LVDT for detecting position, a powerful actuator and electronics and pneumatics positioner to open and shut the valve. The valve operates … Continued

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Real-Time Pressure Based Flow Measurement McCORDSVILLE, Indiana – The F-Series from Proportion-Air uses pressure change through a venturi to determine the flow of gas. This gives you the output in real-time. No sampling, calculating, averaging, or delays. Available 0-10 volts or 4-20mA ranges start below 1scfm and extend through 250scfm and are … Continued

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FCV Offers Easy Temperature Control of Your Process McCORDSVILLE, Indiana – The Proportion-Air FCV controls water for cooling or heating loops, steam for heating or air for cooling applications. FCV is capable of controlling the Cv of a 1 inch ported valve linearly from 0 to 19 Cv over the command input … Continued

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Precise Control of Cv Now Obtainable with Electronic Flow Control Valve! McCORDSVILLE, Indiana – The new FCV from Proportion-Air allows you to adjust Cv linearly from 0 to 19 Cv with an electrical command. The FCV product incorporates a 1 inch valve with an actuator, positioner and electronics all in one package. … Continued