FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Valve, Actuator, Positioner & I to P all-in-One Package! McCORDSVILLE, Indiana – Proportion-Air introduces a 1-inch control valve that does the job of a host of products. The FCV incorporates an LVDT for detecting position, a powerful actuator and electronics and pneumatics positioner to open and shut the valve. The valve operates … Continued

Measure Gas Flows to 250 SCFM with Real Time Output

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Measure Gas Flows to 250 SCFM with Real Time Output Now Available! McCORDSVILLE, Indiana – Proportion-Air introduces the F-Series flow transducer with a 3/4npt port that measures gas flows to 250scfm. The pressure based flow monitor utilizes pressure changes that occur as the air flows through venturi. Flow is provided in real-time … Continued

Pressure Compensated Flow Monitors

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Pressure Compensated Flow Monitors Now Available! McCORDSVILLE, Indiana – The F Series flow monitor from Proportion-Air is now available with pressure compensation over a wide range of operating pressures. The pressure based flow monitor is capable of providing a real time output of flow in the form of a 0-10V or 4-20mA … Continued