Larry’s Travels – England

Larry Travels to England England July 16, 2015 A few weeks ago I made a short work trip to England and hastily made hotel reservations before I left. The hotel was about 10 miles from Heathrow Airport. The taxi driver who took me to the hotel said that I would arrive just in time for … Continued

Larry Travels to India I was able to make a short visit to the old part of Ahmedabad, Gujurat this week. This area of the city is a labyrinth of narrow streets and old buildings with beautifully done woodwork that appears to be centuries old. The streets are only wide enough for a bullock cart … Continued

Larry’s Travels – Chennai, India

Larry Travels to Chennai, India Burt and I arrived in Chennai, India last Monday (March 23) after a total of 28 hours of travel. We had a long layover in Washington DC and also Dubai before getting to the last stop. The remainder of Monday was set aside as travel recovery. My first impression of … Continued

Larry’s Travels – Montreal, Canada

Larry Travels to Montreal, Canada This week’s travel took me to Montreal, Canada. I am always amazed by how people from Montreal can switch between French and English and back again so rapidly when carrying on a conversation. The website Wikipedia says that 56% of those in Montreal are fluent in both languages. Another item … Continued

Can You Guess Where Larry Went?

Can You Guess Where Larry Went? My trip this last week was of short duration although I traveled to the center of the United States. I can’t say that I got to see anything that caused the camera to come out of the bag. I did want to share with you something I forgot to … Continued

Larry’s Travels – Los Angeles

Larry Travels to Los Angeles According to, LAX airport in Los Angeles is the second busiest airport in the United States. I believe it. The airport was a busy place when I arrived and was equally busy at 4:15 a.m. when I was checking in to depart, as well. I didn’t spend any time … Continued

Larry’s Travels – Sedalia, Missouri

Larry Travels to Sedalia, Missouri Sedalia, Missouri is home of the Missouri State Fair. It’s also a nice town to visit if you are ever in the area southwest of St Louis. The people are so typically Midwestern here – hospitable and extremely helpful. While my trip was for work, there is always something interesting … Continued

Larry’s Travels – South Africa Part 2

Larry Travels to Africa – again! South Africa sounds like such an interesting place to visit – you know they have all sorts of wild animals lions, hippopotamus, giraffes and the like and we weren’t disappointed on our recent trip to that country. We got to see quite a few wild animals on the weekend … Continued

Larry’s Travels – South Africa

Larry Travels to South Africa Larry Brown, Proportion-Air’s Corporate Sales Manager, travels all over the world while working for Proportion Air. Follow along with Larry’s Travels and see his pictures! Monday July 14, 2014 – We arrived in Johannesburg South Africa Sunday evening at 5:15 after a 15.5 hour flight from Atlanta, GA. That was … Continued

Larry’s Travels – Pensacola, Florida

Larry Travels to Pensacola Larry Brown, Proportion-Air’s Corporate Sales Manager, travels all over the world while working for Proportion Air. Follow along with Larry’s Travels and see pictures from across the world! Pensacola, Florida was my work destination for two weeks of July. What a wonder place to work and visit! The airport is small … Continued