QB1 | Electronic Pressure Control Valve

This month’s Product of the Month is the QB1, a versatile low-cost pressure control valve used in a variety of applications over the course of many industries. The QB1 is a closed-loop PCV and can be assembled to an air piloted regularly or can be used as a standalone electronic pressure regulator.

The QB1 is built in a small and compact package to guarantee that it is as efficient in your line as possible. With ranges from vacuum to 500 psig (QB1X & QB1S), it can fit in as a single loop control valve in almost any application. To make it better, it includes a standard 0-10 Vdc analog monitor output and can even be designed for a 4-20 mA, Serial or digital option as well. Combine all this with a IP65 housing and you have a strong and stable product that can withstand shock and vibration up to 25 Gs.

As with many of our products, the QB1 maintains fantastic accuracy and repeatability. At +/- 0.2% and +/- 0.02% for QB1X and+/- 0.25% and +/- 0.05% for QB1S respectively, the specifications ensure that this product will always work for you on the job.

One industry the QB1 has made an impact in is the automotive industry, where it can help test and calibrate gauges. By hooking up to a PLC and receiving a command signal, the QB1 can provide the desired pressure. By constantly receiving the downstream pressure feedback signal and comparing to your command signal, the QB1 controls pressure accurately and provides a monitor feedback signal for data acquisition. The application can be found here.

As the most versatile product in Proportion-Air’s lineup, it’s been used across many other industries, including the food processing and converting sectors. In food processing, the QB1 has been used to maintain just the right amount of force to bag bread with plastic bags; for converting, the QB1 is a staple in controlling tension in the rewind process and in air clutches for wind and unwind tension control. You can find those three applications here, here, and here.

For more information about the QB1X (up to 175 psig), check out its product page.

For more information about the QB1S (up to 500 psig), check out its product page.

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