Product of the Month | QPV1

Our monthly “product of the month” series continues on with the QPV1, a high resolution pressure control valve.

The QPV1 utilizes a true proportional inlet valve that eliminates digital stepping by employing a variable orifice. It uses a field adjustable dead-band to add stability to optimize performance in your process and provides resolution as high as +/- 0.005% of full scale calibration in a single loop configuration. Because the QPV1’s specs allow for superior system resolution, the product is ideal for very sensitive applications like leak testing at low pressures, dispensing, and microfluidic applications.

The QPV1 has a redesigned manifold that allows for options in output control with two output ports (bottom and side). This
standard manifold is made from aluminum and can be used to control low pressure, vacuum or vacuum through positive pressure in the same unit.

Another area where the QPV1 shines is in its calibration – for your application, the product can be calibrated as low as 0-2
inches of water column or to any calibration from full vacuum to 150 PSI. This guarantees that you get the best possible accuracy and resolution for your application.

The QPV1’s technical specifications include:
Accuracy: ±0.2% F.S.
Repeatability: ±0.02% F.S.
Max Flow: 1.2 SCFM (34 LPM)
Port Size: 1/8″ NPT (BSPP Available)
Durability: Immune to shock & vibration (up to 20 Gs)
Operating Temps: 32-158°F (0-70°C)
Filtration Recommended: 40 Micron
Protection Rating: IP65

In the laser industry, the QPV1 is the device of choice for controlling gas pressure to an automated laser welder. In the application found here, the QPV1 uses a true proportional valve as an inlet, eliminating digital step changes like those mentioned above. Tiny changes in pressure can be administered with small changes in command.

The QPV1 provides more than enough resolution when pressurizing Air-Pel friction-less cylinders to control force in electronic circuit board manufacturing. You can take a look at this application found here.

For more information on the QPV, check out its product page.

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