Product of the Month | GX1

Continuing our series, we’ve chosen the GX1 as our product of the month for January 2017. Happy New Year!

Longtime customers may recognize the name “GP”, which was a previous generation, highly successful high pressure valve built by Proportion-Air. However, after our engineers and designers went back to the drawing board, they discovered a much better solution: the GX1.

The GX1, which is a complete re-design of the GP, improves on its predecessor with higher accuracy, resolution and repeatability. These improved specs create a more versatile and useful product that’s also held in a package that is 50% lighter than the GP. The GX1 can provide 1:1 direct control of up to 1,000 PSI or it can be used to pilot a volume booster and achieve higher flows with the same accuracy Proportion-Air customers have come to love.

Power management is one of the GX1’s most beneficial features – an on-board split power supply allows true zero for command and monitor, despite it being powered only by a conventional single ended power supply. It also uses top-of-the-line hardware to minimize current draw and heat buildup. With power-indicating LEDs, the GX1 is the complete high pressure control package.

Specs for the GX1 are well-suited for your pressure regulation needs. For example, the GX1 has a pressure range from vacuum to 1,000 PSI, accuracy at ±0.25%, max flow at 26 SCFM at 1,000 PSI and operating temperatures between 32º-158ºF.

The versatility of the GX series, including both the GX1 and GX2, are shown when paired with other high pressure volume boosters. In this setup, both products can achieve a greater flow than by their own.

Accompanying the GX line is a variety of helpful and informative documents that not only explain the GX’s uses but also the difference between it and the previous generation. To see the GX1’s installation guide, click here. For a detailed infographic showing the differences between the GX series and the GP, click here. For a general description of the GX1 and to see more specifications, take a look at its page here.

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