Proportion Air Product Case Studies

Our electronic air pressure regulators and air flow control valves are used in many different industries and a variety of situations. We offer a few case studies below to provide a small sense of the success of Proportion-Air products.

Let’s say you have an application or concept which requires controlling pressure, vacuum, force, torque or position that is different from anything you’ve done or have seen done in the past. You have an idea that is “outside the box” and you need a partner who will turn that idea into a reality – we can do that. Proportion-Air has built its business around being that kind of partner.

We realize that one size does not fit all. Our goal is to meet you at your need with a product that will perform to your expectation. With three decades in the business, we have the people and experience to put together a part that matches your need.

Thousands of Product Options

Myriad options have come to fruition because a customer said, “I like your idea, but I also need it to do this as well.”

If you have an application goal, just let us know what we have to work with. Whether it’s one piece or thousands, our application engineering department can create exactly the right part (or parts) to meet your needs.

The case studies shown here are examples of applications that improved the way products were made or tested using Proportion-Air’s closed loop electro-pneumatic proportional valves. These examples show our versatility across a wide range of industries.

BPR-Case Studies

Back Pressure Regulator for Fuel Pump

View Case Study

Injection Molding - case studies

High Pressure Regulators for Injection Molding

View Case Study

air cooling - case studies

Closed-Loop Provides Consistent Air Flow Cooling

View Case Study

steam - case studies

Solving Steam Control Issues

View Case Study

metal flow - case studies

Air Pressure Regulator Improves Metal Flow Precision

View Case Study


altitude sim - case studies

Altitude Simulation

View Case Study

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