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Proportion-Air offers complete engineered custom pneumatic solutions to meet any of your air flow, pressure and vacuum control needs. Our engineering department boasts over 120 years of combined experience in the field of electro-pneumatic systems and industrial controls and we are well-equipped to solve the most challenging custom applications. Proportion-Air encourages you to utilize our resources to design, build and support a custom pneumatic solution, from prototype to development to full-scale production. Our design team offers you the technical knowledge, expertise and proven capabilities that have helped drive our development of some of the best proportional electro-pneumatic pressure devices in the world.

We built our business from custom pneumatic solutions we provided and at the same time, we helped many of our existing customers accomplish the impossible – or, so they thought 🙂

– Custom Pneumatic Solutions and Custom Pneumatic Products –

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Total Integrated Custom Pneumatic Solutions

Apart from our standard world class pressure, vacuum, and flow control products, Proportion-Air is renowned for its flexibility to integrate and customize our control products into your application with standard lead times. Whether it is as simple as a custom electrical interface or as complex as a completely engineered system, we have the custom pneumatic solution you are looking for. Some of our integrated value-added solutions include:

  • Analog, Pulse Width Modulation, Serial and Parallel Digital Inputs and Outputs
  • Remote Sensing Capabilities
  • Open and Closed-Loop Controls
  • Multiple Control Loops
  • Combined Pressure, Vacuum, and Flow Control in the same package
  • Panel, Rack, Din Rail and Manifold Mounting Assemblies
  • Multifunctional Microprocessor Based Controls
  • Digital Display Readouts and User Interfaces
  • Non-electronic Pneumatic Assemblies
  • Pneumatic Solenoid Valve Assemblies
  • Multiple Ethernet Input and Output options
  • Integrated PLC to create and control custom profiles

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Custom Designed Electronic Pressure Control Regulator Assemblies

Proportion-Air’s core business since its inception has been custom pneumatic solutions and control regulators. We offer a complete line of standard, custom electronic and pneumatic controlled regulators to fit your specific application. From extremely low pressures at high flows to very high pressures at low flows, we have the custom pneumatic solution. Some of our capabilities include:

  • Precision Low and High Pressure Pneumatic Regulators, both Low and High Flow
  • Precision Low and High Pressure Liquid Regulators, both Low and High Flow
  • High Purity Stainless Steel and Teflon TM Regulators
  • Oxygen Clean Regulators
  • Custom High Life-Cycle Regulators
  • Custom High Flow Regulators
  • Specially Modified Assemblies
  • All Regulator Assemblies Can Be Pneumatically or Electronically Controlled

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Drop-In Replacement Pneumatic Control Valves and Regulator Assemblies

Proportion-Air also offers custom pneumatic solutions as drop-in replacement pressure controls for obsolete or under-performing competitors’ products. We are all too familiar with the plight of the overworked controls engineer who has had to deal with an obsolete, unavailable, or under performing control valve or regulator that was specified into a machine or process that they are now responsible for. Proportion-Air can help provide an equivilant (and properly specified) replacement. Our engineering team can guide you through the process of filling the hole left by the missing piece of your puzzle. Whether it is a simple custom connector or a completely new custom engineered product, we can make the transition seamless and easy. Here are some ways we can help solve your pain:

  • Quick and Accurate Identification of your Existing Product
  • Accurate Testing and Validation of Our Proposed Replacement
  • Identical Connector Pin-Outs
  • Guaranteed Specifications
  • Quick Turn Response Times
  • Awesome new and dependable custom solution-or standard product, but still new & shiny 🙂

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Customized Electronic Interface Circuit Boards

Proportion-Air has been providing our customers with both standard and custom electronic interface boards, wiring harnesses and custom test fixtures since we opened the doors 30 years ago. If you need that special interface circuit to convert one signal type to another or maybe a test box to field calibrate our product, we can make the process simply and seamless. Some of our capabilities include:

  • Custom Analog Conversion Circuit Boards
  • Custom Analog to Digital or Digital to Analog Circuit Boards
  • Custom Power Supply Circuit Boards
  • Test and Calibration Systems
  • Custom Wiring Harnesses
  • Custom Command Signal Generators
  • Custom Digital Displays
  • Din Rail, Rack or Panel Mountable

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