Our fluid control prowess isn’t limited to compressed air or gases alone – we control or regulate liquids as well, directly or indirectly.

Accurate, repeatable proportional closed-loop control is possible with a variety of media. Direct or indirect methods offer different advantages and disadvantages.

Direct Control

The direct control method means that the liquid to control has physical contact with the controller product. This is ideal for simple applications. The advantage of direct control is that it offers immediate changes to process based on feedback from sensors or manual adjustments. Products compatible with direct liquid control applications are below.

Indirect Control

In indirect control, the liquid does not run though the controlling device. An intermediary device like an electro-pneumatic regulator is used instead. The closed-loop feedback system monitors the parameters and adjusts according to the application’s needs. This offers precise control for larger scale systems and greater automation opportunities. Any of our proportional electro-pneumatic pressure regulators can be used for indirect control. 


Liquid Pressure Control
A QB2 paired with a Burling Valve regulator can provide liquid pressure control to support various requirements.
Liquid Pressure Control