In this reflow oven control application, a QB1/PSR pressure control assembly is providing pressure to a reflow oven used to solder surface mount electronic components to PCBs.

Generally, there are several zones in a reflow oven. This large volume requires a volume booster to increase flow and achieve the desired O2 level quickly. Nitrogen is a common gas used in this process, as it reduces oxidation on the surfaces of the PCB.

A QB1 on a PSR volume booster assembly is controlling nitrogen going into an oven. The amount of oxygen in the oven is controlled by displacing O2 with N2 gas. Both O2 sensors will sense the O2 in the oven and provide an averaged signal back to the O2 analyzer, which commands the QB1/PSR assembly to increase or decrease the N2 in the oven until the desired O2 level is achieved.