Our Complete Line of Pilot Operated Regulators

We have a wide range of air pilot operated regulators to choose from that best match to your demanding application requirements will be selected by our experienced application engineers, with your input in mind.  Proportion-Air offers pilot operated pressure reducing valves (also known as volume boosters), pilot operated back pressure control valves (BPVs),  pilot operated ratio regulators, low pressure pilot operated regulators, high pressure pilot operated regulators, vacuum regulators, and high relief flow (high exhaust) pilot operated regulators.

psr series low cost general duty pilot operated regulators

PSR Series Low Cost General Duty Pilot Operated Regulators

The PSR series air pilot operated regulators handle most industrial shop air applications.  The PSR is a low cost air volume booster which converts a small air pilot signal pressure into a high flow output pressure.  This is a self relieving regulator, so pressure can be controlled forward and reverse.  The PSR pneumatic regulator is Proportion-Air’s lead air pilot operated regulator and is a great match with the QB series valves acting as electronic pilot regulators.

RM-Series Pilot Operated Regulator

RM Series High Flow High Performance Pressure Regulators

The RM series is at its best with the most demanding applications.  The RM pilot operated regulators have very high relief flow for when maximum exhaust speed is required.  The RM pneumatic regulator series is a rugged, dirt tolerant design.  The RM can control pressures higher than standard shop air systems.  Because of its quick exhaust design, the RM pilot operated regulator is also useful when controlling vacuum or absolute pressures and for many back pressure control applications.

RV Series vacuum control regulator

RV Series Vacuum Control Regulators

The Proportion-Air RV series is a dedicated vacuum pressure control valve.  The RV is a pilot operated valve and is a great match with Proportion-Air’s full line of electronic pilot valves such as the QB1 and QB2 electronic regulators.  The RV controls vacuum quickly by mechanically matching the pilot operation signal to the high flow controlled output vacuum port.  High flow rates of vacuum are quickly and accurately controlled.

RG Series Pilot Operated Regulators

RG Series Pilot Operated Regulators

The RG series of pilot operated regulator fits all the places where standard catalog pressure regulators fall short.  The RG series is available in models to act as a volume booster in very low pressure applications or as ratio operated regulators for very high pressures.  Most nonstandard applications can be matched to an RG series pilot operated regulator.  All RGs are able to be pilot operated with Proportion-Air’s electronic air pressure control valves.  With this combination the Proportion-Air electronic pressure regulator provides a low flow precisely controlled pressure signal to the pilot section of the RG regulator.  The RG regulator acts as a volume booster and converts the low flow precision air pressure signal into a much higher flow at the same pressure.  High flows can be controlled with electronic precision in this manner.

HP pilot operated regulator

HP Series Pilot Operated Regulators

The HP Series pilot operated regulators are used for high pressures and other high demand applications.  The HP series pilot regulators are available up to 4” NPT size for very high flows.  The HP pilot operated regulator series can handle steam and other aggressive medias.

Specialty Pilot Operated Regulators

Specialty Pilot Operated Regulators

Proportion-Air has carefully selected and tested a wide variety of pilot operated regulators. Proportion-Air’s long experience with volume boosters and other pilot operated regulators lets us carefully select a proven model that is a perfect match for your pneumatic regulator or other needs.

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