RMV Pilot-Operated Vacuum Regulator

RMV Pilot-Operated Vacuum Regulator

RMV Pilot-Operated Regulators | High Performance

The RMV series is the vacuum-only version of our RM series. Offering the same rugged and dirt tolerant design made for industrial environments, RMV units thrive where the process requires pressures under atmosphere.

  • Great forward flow and very high relief flow
  • Diaphragm design offers precise vacuum control
  • Can be modified with a special reduced-volume bonnet for rapid response
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Technical Specs

MAX Inlet Pressure400 PSI (27.6 Bar)
P2 Pressure Range0-250 PSI (17.2 Bar)
Operating Temps32-158°F (0-70°C)
Filtration40 Micron
Port Size1/4″ thru 1-1/4″
Relief Flow Capacity150-200 SCFM Max (5663 LPM)
Available OptionsNR | Non-Relieving
Available OptionsO2 | Oxygen Cleaned
Available OptionsLS | Light Spring (<20PSI)
Available OptionsBR | Bracket Installed
Available OptionsQR | Quick Response

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6 Port Sizes and Flow Rates | RM-Series Pressure Regulators & Volume Boosters

Max Flows | P1 = 100 PSI, P2 = 40 PSI

RMV002 | 1/4″

Max Flow 150 SCFM
RM002N (NPT), RM002P (BSPP)

RMV003 | 3/8″

Max Flow 150 SCFM
RM003N (NPT), RM003P (BSPP)

RMV004 | 1/2″

Max Flow 150 SCFM
RM004N (NPT), RM004P (BSPP)

RMV006 | 3/4″

Max Flow 450 SCFM
RM006N (NPT), RM006P (BSPP)

RMV008 | 1″

Max Flow 450 SCFM
RM008N (NPT), RM008P (BSPP)

RMV00A | 1-1/4″

Max Flow 450 SCFM


RMV Pilot Operated Regulators | High Performance

RMV air piloted regulators are also known as volume boosters. This series is capable of delivering high forward and relief flows. RMV regulators employs a diaphragm pressure control type for great response and precise pressure control. Oxygen-cleaned and fast response bonnet options are available, and connection sizes from 1/4″ to 1-1/4″. RMV pilot operated regulators are an excellent choice when paired with Proportion-Air electronic regulators for vacuum control solutions.

RMV series air-piloted regulators are designed for general applications that require superior vacuum pressure regulation, rapid response to changing flow demands and excellent stability. Using QB series pressure controllers in conjunction with RMV series volume booster gives a precision pressure control package with high forward and reverse flow capacity. If faster response is required, these regulators can be modified with a special reduced-volume bonnet for rapid response.