Low Cost Valves

Proportion-Air’s pressure and flow controllers are rarely the lowest initial purchase price, but our products are nearly always the lowest cost of ownership in the long run. We often come across our low cost valves in the field. Many times these products have been in operation for 20+ years! We are not surprised when this happens. Our low cost valves are this durable because of our process, which seeks to understand your application completely. Some companies may hear you – we listen to your exact needs to specify the correct product for the job. 

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low cost valves


Flagship Regulator | 1 & 2 Loop Models

low cost valves


Manifold Mount | 1 & 2 Loop Models

low cost valves


No Exhaust | High Resolution

The best low cost valves are not always the least expensive

Too often, electronic pressure regulators get misused and poorly specified. If we understand your application, we can specify a product that will perform the best and the longest.

We offer electronic pressure controls to meet every budget. Our low cost valves and electronic pressure regulators are carefully selected with your input, individually hand built and calibrated at our factory in McCordsville, Indiana, and backed by real people when you need to pick up the phone.

Our competitors build thousands of products, one of which is an electronic pressure regulator. We build only electronic pressure regulators, and we customize them in thousands of ways.

There are many ways you can reach out to us. Phone, email or try the ‘Request Quote’ form above and below. We strive to offer quotes in less than 6 hours of understanding your needs.

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