QB4 High Flow (200 SCFM) Electronic Pressure Controller

QB4 High Flow (200 SCFM) Electronic Pressure Controller

The QB4 high flow electronic control valve is a space-saving, compact closed-loop electronic pressure regulator. The QB4 is made up of two solenoid valves, an internal pressure transducer and an electronic control circuit mounted to an integrated volume booster.

  • Full vacuum to 150 PSI (10.34 Bar)
  • Flows up to 200 SCFM forward and exhaust
  • Wide range of analog and digital command signal options

The output pressure is proportional to an electrical input command signal. The QB4 high flow control valve also provides an electrical monitor signal for output to a panel meter or controller for data acquisition and/or quality assurance needs. The QB4 volume booster does not have stamped gaskets, special molded diaphragm or seal parts. All parts related to normal maintenance are standard o-rings.

Accuracy ±
Linearity ±
Max Flow (SCFM)
Max P2 (PSI)
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Technical Specs

Pressure RangeVacuum thru 150 PSI (10.3 Bar)
Accuracy±0.4% F.S.
Linearity±0.3% F.S.
Max Flow200 SCFM (5,667 LPM)
Port Size1/2″ NPT (BSPP Available)
DurabilityImmune to shock & vibration (up to 25 Gs)
Operating Temps32-158°F (0-70°C)
Filtration40 Micron


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QB4 | Internal Sense with Integrated Volume Booster

The QB4 electronic pressure regulator with integrated volume booster is designed for industrial enviornments and can be mounted in any orientation and still provide precise pressure and/or vacuum control. Standard 1/2″ NPT inlet and exhaust ports allow for great forward and reverse flow rates. The QB4 can be controlled with a variety of command signals. Reach out and tell us about your application with the ‘Request Quote’ form below.