FluidReg ®

The FluidReg® is an independent membrane regulator that can be installed in (virtually) every fluid or compressed air pneumatic system. It delivers a constant and consistent outlet pressure regardless of input pressure fluctuations. The FluidReg is tamper proof, meaning the output pressure is pre-set at the factory and cannot be modified, adjusted or changed once installed.

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FluidReg Technical Specifications
Max Inlet Pressure Weight Temp. Range P1 Inlet Thread
Water: 145 psig (10 bar) 4.4 oz. (125 g) Water: 39-140°F (4-60°C) Female/Female
Other Gases: 260 psig (18 bar) Other Gases: 32-140°F (0-60°C)
Housing: Nickel-Plated Brass
Spring: Stainless Steel
O-Ring: Nitrile Rubber
Valve Seat: PPH
Spindle: Nickel-Plated Brass


Coffee, Soft Drink & Filling Machines


Reduces energy consumption

Highly reliable

Easy to mount in any water supply system

Lightweight, compact construction

Service free: no adjustment ever needed

Extension by sprinkler equipment

Locked to prevent pressure change (tamper proof)

Increases device service life

Coffee, Soft Drink & Filling Machines

Provide the correct pressure, all the time

It is well known that the pressure of most water or fluid lines is normally set too high, can fluctuate and has a tendency to vary according to the height of the building it is installed in. The FluidReg will protect all equipment and components downstream by providing the correct pressure and nothing more.


Part Numbers & Technical Information
Thread ConnectionMax Inlet PressureMax Regulated Output PressureMax FlowTolerancesFluidReg Part Number
1/4" NPT145 psig15 psig3000 ml/min± 2 psigPWR239AS1215
1/4" NPT145 psig30 psig4000 ml/min± 4 psigPWR239AS1230
1/4" NPT145 psig45 psig4000 ml/min± 4.5 psigPWR239AS1245
1/4" NPT145 psig60 psig4000 ml/min± 6 psigPWR239AS1260
1/4" NPT145 psig75 psig4000 ml/min± 7.5 psigPWR239AS1275
1/4" NPT145 psig90 psig4000 ml/min± 9 psigPWR239AS1290
1/4" NPT145 psig100 psig4000 ml/min± 10 psigPWR239AS12100
1/4" NPT145 psig120 psig4000 ml/min± 12 psigPWR239AS12120

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