GP Series

GP Series

For all new applications, please see the GX-Series. The GP-Series will be discontinued in the near future.

When will the GP be discontinued? Not scheduled at this time. The date will be announced (at least) 1 year in advance and service will continue for (at least) 1 year after discontinue date.

Why is the GP being discontinued? The GX is the next generation of the GP. The GX improves upon the GPs performance in almost every way. Also, the GX is much lighter in weight and adheres to more efficient manufacturing standards.

What other products are considered “Legacy Products”? Please check here

Accuracy ±
Repeatability ±
Max Flow (SCFM)
Max P2 (PSI)
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Technical Specs

Pressure RangeVacuum thru 1000 PSI (70 Bar)
Accuracy±0.45% F.S.
Repeatability±0.2% F.S.
Max Flow10 SCFM (283 LPM)
Port Size1/8″ NPT (BSPP Available)
DurabilityImmune to shock & vibration (up to 20 Gs)
Operating Temps32-158°F (0-70°C)
Filtration40 Micron




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GP1 & GP2 | Internal & External Sense

The GP series control valve is an electronic pressure regulator designed to precisely control the pressure of gaseous media proportional to an electronic signal. The GP1 operates using two normally closed solenoid valves, a pressure sensor, and a control circuit. One valve is actuated to allow unregulated supply media into the system. The second valve is actuated to allow working media to vent to atmosphere. The pressure sensor provides feedback to the control circuit. The control circuit compares the pressure sensor feedback to the user supplied electronic command signal and actuates the appropriate valve until the two signals match.

The GP series can be teamed with a variety of one-to-one ratio high pressure volume boosters for even greater flow. When using a volume booster, the GP2 can be used to achieve accuracy similar to the GP1 alone with higher flow capacity.