Vacuum Pressure Valves

Proportion-Air sets the benchmark for electronic control with vacuum pressure valves & regulators. Most of our pressure control products can be used in both positive pressure and vacuum. Many of these devices can also be used to control vacuum through positive pressure in the same device. This eliminates the need for multiple controllers in some applications.

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When it comes to controlling vacuum, understanding which concept to implement is imperative. Vacuum pressure valves can be designed for three distinct methods. Proportion-Air understands the nuances inherent with each method. Please contact us and we will help identify the best vacuum pressure valve for your application. Nearly all of our pressure regulators can be used in vacuum. 

vacuum pressure valves

Inline Vacuum Control | Method #1

Inline vacuum control with Proportion-Air products is just as it sounds. A vacuum pump is used to pull vacuum in a process. The vacuum level needs to be adjusted. We use our vacuum pressure valves inline with the vacuum pump and the process. Our vacuum pressure valve acts as a restriction to the process by limiting the amount of vacuum.

vacuum pressure valves

Vacuum Generator | Method #2

The vacuum generator method is used when a vacuum pump is not available or only shallow vacuum is required. This method uses positive pressure to generate vacuum. The positive pressure is controlled across a Venturi and the vacuum is pulled in the process. Generally, this is not linear or proportional control, but with Proportion-Air’s 2nd loop feedback sensor, it can be.

vacuum pressure valves

Vacuum Breaker | Method #3

The vacuum breaker method is often used when flow requirements prohibit inline direct control of vacuum. Like the generator method, the vacuum breaker also uses positive pressure to control the vacuum level. In this case, atmospheric pressure is injected into the process to reduce the amount of vacuum downstream. Volume boosters are often used because large Cvs are required to overcome the flow capacity of the pump. This is due to small pressure differentials.

Nearly all of our pressure regulating products can be used in vacuum applications.

Contact us to help specify the best option for your application.

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