The QL3 (high resolution, high flow electro-pneumatic pressure regulator) allows high volumes of air to move quickly and precisely at pressures up to 150 psig using proportional solenoid valves with a unique analog PID circuit.

The QL3 improves and builds on the proven technology of the Proportion-Air QB3 series by using a current driven variable orifice solenoid valve and a unique analog PID circuit. This variable orifice solenoid avoids the pressure “steps” prevalent in most feed and bleed I/Ps. The PID integrates error out quickly resulting in superior resolution. The combination of a step-less solenoid valve with a high speed analog PID on a high flow volume booster allows a lot of air to be moved in a hurry, but precisely.

The output is proportional to the electrical input or command signal and an analog monitor output signal is standard.

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Accuracy ±


Resolution ±

Max Flow (SCFM)

Max P2 (PSI)

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QL3 Technical Specifications


Pressure Range Resolution Accuracy Max Flow
0-5 PSI thru 0-150, 10.3 Bar ±0.05% F.S. ±0.4% F.S. 25 SCFM, 708 LPM
Port Size Durability Operating Temps Filtration
1/4″ NPT, BSPP Available Immune to vibration & shock (up to 20 Gs) 32-158°F (0-70°C) 40 Micron





QL3 | Internal Sense

The QL3 employs a true proportional solenoid valve on the inlet side piloting an integrated volume booster to provide high resolution pressure control to your processes. Command inputs are available in a variety of analog and digital options. The QL3 comes standard with a monitor output signal for data acquisition. This output signal is the direct measurement from the internal pressure transducer that is constantly reading downstream pressure and comparing it to the desired setpoint command.

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