We’ve got the blues – and it’s a good thing

If you’ve been around for a while, you may recognize our regulators and flow controllers by their colors, like our black QBX and QPV products, green QB3 and QB4 high flow devices, and the copper GX high pressure unit. While these colors have a lot of history, blue has always been the heart of our brand, and it’s time for a change:

We’re trading in our black, green, copper and other colors for a blue product scheme on anodized aluminum pieces, and we’re adding an engraved Proportion-Air logo on the side. These changes are to enhance our branding efforts. Rest assured, this change does not affect the functionality or performance of the parts; it is purely aesthetic. You may have already seen parts change on our marketing materials and website.

The parts that will change are our electro-pneumatic regulators, including the QBX, QBS, QPV, QB3, QB4, QB3H, QL3, GX, MM, MPV, and SPV series; flow control devices including the F-Series, FQB2, FQB3, FQPV2, and FCV; and DS series transducers. Legacy parts and any anodized aluminum accessories or components will also become blue. This includes items like brackets and internals. Our hazardous location products (part numbers beginning with IS) will remain blue.

Brass and stainless steel components, including manifolds, will not change color at this time.

Our Timeline

We’ll transition to this new look as early as spring 2024 – and please note, it will be a transition. You may receive orders with old and new colors as we deplete our stock and move toward blue. Our customer-facing teams will offer reminders. Shipments will also have a small piece of literature in them with information about the change.

So you see how having the blues isn’t a bad thing when blue has been your trusted color for nearly 40 years. But, if you’re a current customer with a special part number and you would like to discuss this change, please reach out to us at info@proportionair.com.