Testing Process Improves Tire Manufacturing

Process Improves Tire Manufacturing

The quality of a car’s tires can make a big difference in the performance of that car. Proportion-Air helps manufacturers create tires that last. We pride ourselves on a unique testing process equipment that helps ensure our customers will never have to worry about a tire failing when it is needed most. Our process improves tire manufacturing by providing repeatable control and results.

Tire Uniformity

It’s extremely important when purchasing a set of tires that all four are uniform, so quality control is essential. Many tire manufacturers employ Proportion-Air’s volume booster with a DSY pressure transducer. This device, the QB2 with an R-Series Volume Booster and DSY Pressure Transducer, are used to help test each tire to ensure uniformity. The optional QB2 inlet/exhaust valve disengage feature allows the customer to disengage the internal valves during the data gathering part of the test without having to be concerned about pressure compensation at the wrong time. This option still allows them to monitor pressure in the system with the QB2 at all times. This testing process measures a tire’s radial and lateral force, sidewall bulge, and stability, among many other factors.

Steam Tire Curing

Manufacturers take great care to ensure each tire is cured to the proper shape. Using our QB1 on our steam regulator manufacturers will have controlled steam curing, ensuring accuracy in the curing process. Using the QB1 and our steam regulator instead of a valve, the manufacturer’s tires will have accurate temperature control, promising a better product at the end of the cure cycle.

Balance Testing

Using the QB2 with an RM Volume Booster and DSY Pressure Transducer from Proportion-Air, manufacturers can enjoy unprecedented testing speeds in both pressurizing and depressurizing tires during the testing process. The RM has high forward flow capability, as well as repeatability and high relief flow.

Fabric Ply Cutting

During the process of cutting rubber, tension control can be difficult. We provide an Ultra-Sonic Tension Control Package to help with brake control during the process, ensuring each sheet is uniform.

Wear Simulation Testing

Aircraft tires, racing tires and passenger vehicle tires

For manufacturers that specialize in building tires for aircraft, we offer the QB3H High Pressure Electro-Pneumatic Pressure Regulator, which is used to maintain inflation pressures during tire cycle testing. It can be used to control pressure for tire-to-wheel installations as well. For those who make racing and passenger vehicle tires, it’s important to test every aspect before making it available to the public. A tire’s tread wear is the key to its manufacturer’s reputation, often determining whether a customer will choose that tire again. Proportion-Air’s high repeatability pressure controllers allow the manufacture to test a tire’s wear patterns, looking not only at normal wear but also factoring in various road and vehicular conditions.

Advanced Technology

We develop the latest technology to refine testing options for manufacturers, including dual loop technology that controls various aspects of the testing process for manufacturers.

We help tire manufacturers deploy the latest techniques in testing their products. This leads to production of tires that not only meet industry standards but exceed them. Our commitment to quality not only helps manufacturers connect with customers but with retailers, as well. For more information, contact Proportion-Air today for a free consultation.


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