New Products at Proportion Air

GX High Pressure Control Valve (0-1,000 psi)

The GX is a complete re-design of Proportion-Air’s successful GP product. With this re-design we greatly improved the accuracy, resolution and repeatability of our high pressure control valve. A 50% weight reduction (with non O2 cleaned GX) from the GP has been achieved. The GX can also be used to pilot a volume booster to achieve much higher flows – see the GX2

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Pro Air Mizer

Pro-Air Mizer

Typically compressed air goes to a header, or storage tank where it builds up pressure (capacitance) to distribute as needed. The build-up is necessary so the compressor doesn’t have to work constantly. Without the extra storage, it would be impossible to keep up with demand.

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the P2 Profiler

A simple programmable piece-wise signal generator. Designed to work with or without your PLC to create, modify and run custom pressure profiles with ease.

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Safety Regulators

Proportion-Air’s complete line of pre-set mini safety regulators are designed to protect personnel, tools, machinery and your plant facilities by providing a consistent and known output pressure regardless of supply pressure fluctuations. These safety regulators are both affordable and effective because the pressures are factory pre-set and tamper proof once installed.

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