Welding Assist Gas Control

Welding Assist Gas Control

Welding Assist Gas Control

Automated laser welders often require that welding assist gas control be adjusted on the fly to eliminate discolored welds. Proportion-Air’s QPV1 is often the device of choice for this application.

The QPV1 uses a true proportional valve as the inlet valve thus eliminating digital step changes which could affect assist gas control. The QPV1 has a resolution as high as ±0.005% of full scale which allows for minute changes in pressure with small changes in command. The monitor signal can be used to display pressure or can be taken back to the controller for data acquisition.

The QPV is available in a manifold mountable version called MPV. With the MPV, up to 12 electronic weld assist gas control devices can be mounted on a single manifold with shared inlet and shared exhaust. Each MPV unit can also control a separate automatic welder.

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