Torque Control Applications

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The Harley’s got a little too much torque when it comes to jumping.

Pneumatic Torque Control

In a typical closed-loop force control system, a pressure regulator provides a precise pressure to a device, usually a cylinder or actuator, to apply a precise force upon a load cell or a load sensor. In this example, the same principle is being applied to a rotational torque force to provide torque control.

The pressure from the pressure regulator supplies an air motor that is equipped with a torque sensor. The torque sensor is sensing the amount of rotational torque applied to the part and returning this value back to the electropneumatic regulator as the electronic feedback loop.

The electro-pneumatic regulator amplifies this voltage signal internally so it is easily understood by the regulator. Often, the torque setpoint is selected by a switch with six set points, which makes it easy to select between different torque requirements for this torque control system.

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Torque Control