Flow Control Valve Offers Innovative Advantages

Flow Control Valve

The job of a flow control valve (FCV) is to adjust the flow of air gasses and liquids. However, a Proportion-Air flow control valve goes beyond that – it works with hydraulic media through a regulator. It can control hydraulic media in a closed-loop proportional C-sub-V product without adding anything to it.

It does this by controlling the position of the plug off the valve seat. The output is linear and directly proportional based on command signal input, due to a parabolic design of the plug.

The valve is a high resolution device, providing a resolution of +/- 0.3 percent of a full stroke (full stroke = one inch).

It compares the command signal input from a customer’s computer or PLC with feedback from a built-in electronic linear transducer.

A Monitor Output Signal Shows Position

Two LEDs provide a remote visual that allows you to monitor the valve position. A red light indicates that there’s power and a green light indicates the valve is correctly calibrated.

The reason the output is linear and proportional based on command signal input is because of the parabolic design – not all of them have that. Other trim options, however, are also available.

Maintenance Advantage of the Pro-Air Flow Control Valve

Flow Control Valve cutawayWe don’t use standard packing; instead, a double radial lip seal replaces standard packing.

Over time, as the packing wears, liquid drips out the side of the valve. To maintain integrity, you need to tighten by squeezing the packing and eventually you’ll get to the bottom threads of the packing nut. At that point, you must take the flow control valve apart and repack it. The Proportion-Air flow control valve design is superior with its double radial lip seal.

Easy Replacement Process

Obviously, any seal will eventually wear. When that happens, we have a weep detection port. If you see moisture, you know to replace the double lip radial seal – and the good news is, that’s an easy process.

With our valve, there’s no need to remove the body from the pipe. Instead, you simply put a wrench on the flat spots where the port is, take out the top actuator and remove the trim part of the plug. Remove the seat disc and slide the double radial seal off the shaft, then slide the new one on – and in minutes you’ve replaced a leaky seal.

With packing and packing nuts of other designs this would be a major rebuild – and one that must be done during a shut down. Repairs on our valve are accomplished in minutes – and can be done right before a shift change.

Replaceable Seat is Another Advantage

Most process valves have a valve seat actually molded into the valve body. Our seat is replaceable.

With our product, if something damages the valve seat, you can order another and replace it within minutes. Other valves with a damaged seat go straight to the recycling bin and must be entirely replaced. It’s just another value added advantage of a Proportion-Air Flow Control Valve.

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