Equilibar Precision Vacuum Regulators

Equilibar is a US manufacturer of exceptional precision vacuum regulators and one of Proportion-Air’s most valued partners in the world of pneumatics. Equilibar precision vacuum regulators delivery reliable performance for some of the world’s most complex and difficult process conditions. Equilibar’s patented vacuum regulator design utilizes a flexible diaphragm with multiple orifices to produce extremely sensitive pressure balance and control.

These vacuum regulators are often controlled electronically (with Proportion-Air pilots) to provide remote control of a process, improve repeatability and virtually elimiate hysteresis & deadband. We are proud and grateful to have the opportunity to pair our products with these precision vacuum regulators. 

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Equilibar Precision Vacuum Regulators

Equilibar Precision Vacuum Regulators

Incredibly stable vacuum control across varying flow rates with Equilibar precision vacuum products!

Equilibar precision vacuum regulators offer a new type of vacuum regulator with more than 5x the flow stability of traditional spring regulators. That means your vacuum process can remain stable even through wide variations in flow rate and supply pressures. A variety of control methods can be used from manual to precision electronic control with Proportion-Air.

These regulators can be operated in open-loop mode or closed-loop mode. In open-loop, you simply provide a command signal from your PLC and the 2-stage regulator brings your process pressure very close to the intended value. Changes in flow rate may cause small errors in open loop mode, which increase with flow rate.

In closed-loop (or PID mode) your process vacuum pressure is monitored by a separate pressure sensor (2-loop), and the command signal to the pilot regulator is constantly monitoring the 2nd loop to achieve the desired set-point in the process pressure. This PID action can actually be accomplished inside the QPV electronic pressure regulator, or in your own process control system.


  • Mechanical models uses a convenient 20-turn knob to adjust vacuum set-point.
  • Is installed between your vacuum pump and your process.
  • Controls in range 0-30 in Hg
  • Many sizes available in corrosive resistant materials.
  • Perfect match for pilot operation using a Proportion-Air MPV, QPV or QBX series product.

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