Our Complete Line of Electronic Flow Control Valves

electronic flow controlProportion-Air manufactures complete closed-loop mass electronic flow control valves that have quick response and the ability to control air flow rates from 2 SCFH to 250 SCFM.

The building block for all of our electronic air flow control valves is the F-series mass flow transducer. The F-series uses high speed differential pressure technology to produce an electrical signal proportional to the mass flow of air – or, whatever gas you want to control.

This high speed flow signal is able to be used by a wide variety of Proportion-Air mass flow control valves to close the loop directly around air flow. Based on your required air flow rate, the F-series flow transducer is matched to the appropriate flow control valve and then calibrated specifically to your exact flow range.

Each electronic flow control valve constantly compares your command signal to the transducer signal of the F-Series flow transducer. The control valve then opens or closes (almost instantaneously) to maintain the commanded flow rate.

Electronic Flow Control by Proportion-Air

CASE STUDY | Proportion-Air Flow Controller Provides Consistent Air Flow Cooling

FQPV electronic flow control

FQPV2 Electronic Low Flow Control | below 1 SCFM

The FQPV2 electronic control valve utilizes a fast analog PID to drive an electric current to a true proportional orifice solenoid valve in order to vary the air flow rate. The mass flow of the air is quickly detected by the F-series mass flow transducer and the electric signal is provided to the PID control circuit. This high speed flow control is a complete package consisting of proportional flow control solenoid valve, mass flow transducer, and high speed PID control circuit to close the loop. All you need to provide is source air pressure and an electronic control signal.

FQB3 electronic flow control

FQB3 Electronic Medium Flow Control | from 1 to 30 SCFM

The FQB3 is an electronic flow control valve that incorporates an integral mechanical flow amplifier to produce flow rates up to 30 SCFM. From the factory, the FQB3 flow controller is married to an F-series high speed mass flow transducer. A set-point command to the FQB3 controller causes the electronic flow control circuit to open the mechanical flow amplifier until the mass flow rate of air detected by the F-series flow transducer matches the electronic set-point. The loop is always closed around the flow of air independent of the required pressures.

FQB2 electronic flow control

FQB2 Electronic High Flow Control | from 30 to 250 SCFM

The FQB2 is another complete flow control package from Proportion-Air. The FQB2 electronically modulates the pilot of any of a variety of mechanical flow amplifiers. Proportion-Air selects the appropriate mechanical flow amplifier based on your specific application’s flow control parameters. An F-series air flow transducer is used to feed an electronic signal representing the mass flow rate of air back to the FQB2 control valve circuit. This makes a complete flow control package which electronically controls the flow of air independent of supply pressure or varying system restrictions.

F-Series electronic flow control

F-series Electronic Flow Monitor/Transducer

The F-series is a fast response mass flow (implied) transducer. The F-series uses a differential pressure measurement of air flowing across an internal venture. The analog electronic circuit converts the differential pressure to an electronic output that is linear to the mass flow rate of air passing the venture. The combination of differential pressure with analog electronics makes for a fast response flow measurement. The F-series flow transducer may be coupled to a variety of Proportion-Air electronic flow control valves to make a complete factory calibrated flow control package.

FCV Angle Seat Electronic Flow Control

FCV Angle Seat Electronic Flow Controller

The FCV is an angle seat valve used to proportionally control flow. The FCV uses a custom geometry parabolic valve stem to provide a valve flow coefficient (Cv) that is linear to the valve stem’s linear travel. In example, if the valve stem moves 50% of its one inch travel, the valve Cv will be 50% of maximum. The valve stem position is measured by an integral internal linearly variable differential transformer (LVDT). The LVDT is tied to the FCV’s electronics which actuate two pneumatic solenoid valves to keep the valve stem at the desired position. This makes the FCV a complete control valve package consisting of I/P, LVDT positioner, valve actuator, and valve body all in one.

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