Warden Fluid Dynamics Sunsource is the Most Valued Partner of 2012

Warden Fluid Dynamics Receives Award

Jerry Helmick, District Manager, and Bob Kimball, Senior Technical Sales and Account Manager at Warden Sunsource are being presented with two awards: Proportion-Air’s Improving Benchmark Award and the Most Valued Partner Award for their Proportion-Air sales in FY2012 by Brent Archer, Vice President, of Proportion-Air.

Warden Fluid Dynamics
Warden Fluid Dynamics

The Improving Benchmark award is given to a distributor whose sales are greater than $100,000 a year and exceed their best Proportion-Air sales year.

The Most Valued Partner Award is given to the top Proportion-Air distributor of the year. Warden Fluid Dynamics has been a Proportion-Air partner since 1994.

Photo ID (Left to right) Jerry Helmick, Brent Archer, Bob Kimball