The Top 3 Coolest Things That NASA Invented

Nasa Invented Some Pretty Cool Things

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) came into existence in 1958. Since that time, the Space Act made it very clear the organization must look beyond the study of space ships. It clearly states NASA’S research & discoveries should be beneficial to the general public, and the organization continues to stick to that precept. You may not believe it if you were told that thousands of products we commonly use are results of NASA research.

Most people don’t know that Solar Energy, Long-distance Telecommunications, Memory Foam, Shoe Insoles, Water Filters, Enriched Baby Food, Smoke Detectors, as well as Structural Analysis Softwarel, Light-emitting Diodes, Freeze Drying, Improved Radial Tires, and Remote Controlled Ovens are just a few of NASA’S inventions. With this in mind, it’s really difficult to name the top 3 coolest things NASA invented, but here’s our suggested list:

Cordless Tools

Though this may not seem like an astounding invention, there is a great deal of science behind tools that don’t need a connected power source to operate. In the bygone days, electric tools consumed much more energy than they do now. When scientists needed to take some samples of the moon’s surface, the need arose for powerful, efficient and small tools that astronauts would be able to carry easily.

NASA worked very closely with Black & Decker and created battery-operated tools that were highly efficient-and of course like many other technological advances – these tools eventually found their way to Earth. Incidentally, they also paved the way for a range of battery-operated technology; that’s why we don’t have to be tethered to a power cord when listening to music on our iPads.

Camera Phones

In 1965, a NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientist named Eugene Lally invented the idea of a sensor that collects photons then switches them into electrons. The electrical signal that results from it gets converted into a picture, which gives us digital photography. It was very important for astronauts to have miniature, durable and high-quality cameras to conduct research in space; the brilliant NASA scientist had revolutionized the manner in which photos are taken. The word “pixel” was also his invention.

Over time, this device grew even smaller; and by the 1980’s it was being marketed to the general public too. Inevitably, the technology found its way into cell phones; so the next time you’re loading pics onto Instagram, don’t forget you have space technology in your hands!


It’s difficult to fathom that something generally considered to be a fashion statement across the globe could actually be the brainchild of NASA scientists. The simple fact was that a large number of NASA workers used to be exposed to damaging light that could impact their vision in the long term.

Powerful flashes, lasers & welding flares were not just devices that were used in space, but in NASA experiments on earth too. The UV filter glass the scientists developed was used to create technology their staff could use to protect their eyes while operating this equipment and the rest is history!

Even as NASA scientists outdo themselves in the field of technology, the rest of us find our lives are made more comfortable, safe, interesting, and even more fashionable, by various cool inventions from NASA.