BB1 Electro-pneumatic Pressure Control Valve

Electro-pneumatic Pressure Control Valve

  • Single Loop control valve with pressure ranges from vacuum to 150 psig
  • Standard 0-10Vdc command and analog monitor output
  • 4-20mA command and monitor optional
  • Power and status indicator LED’s
  • 40 micron filter included (FPP-1)
  • Unaffected by mounting position or vibrations
  • Doesn’t consume air in steady state
  • Package allows widest range of special options to be included

Electro-pneumatic closed loop pressure control valve. Pressure ranges from full vacuum up to 150 psig. Variety of analog and digital command signals. High accuracy of +/- 0.2% F.S. typical with +/-0.02% F.S. repeatability. Analog monitor output is available for data acquisition. Can be assembled to air piloted regulator for high flow, higher pressure and various media control.

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