High Flow Electronic Pressure Control Valve

Proportion-Air built its reputation on electronic pressure regulators capable of very high flow rates.  Utilizing our industry leading downstream pressure transducer technology, Proportion-Air electronic pressure regulators are used to pilot operate the mechanical volume booster which is the best fit to your application.

The downstream pressure transducer feeds an electronic control signal back to the electronic pilot regulator so that the control loop is closed around your actual output pressure.

The mechanical errors and hysteresis of the volume booster is compensated for by our electronic control at all flow rates.  No more regulator droop!


What Our Customers Say

  • What an excellent process you have for specifying parts for your customers. I am very impressed.

    Jamison B. - Monrovia, CA

  • I met with Bill today...He was impressed by your knowledge and application of your products and wanted me to thank you for your excellent support.

    Bob R. - Newark, CA

  • It is really a pleasure to work with Proportion-Air. You cannot imagine what kind of problems I have with some manufacturers. Thank you very much!

    Sungur - Istanbul, Turkey

  • I'm astonished for the quickest answer ever!

    Alessio B. -Bologna, Italy

  • I'm happy to report that the trial on the QPV1 has been going well. I'm quite impressed by the performance of the unit. I'm also very impressed by the service that I received from Nick Archer which I think merits specific attention. Nick has been extremely responsive to my emails and questions. He has been patient, has kept his word, and has always replied to me quickly with an answer or a reply to my questions. Nick has provided me with what I, and certainly others in my group, consider to be a perfect example of top notch high quality customer service.

    John C. - Columbus, Ohio

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