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Electronic Air Pressure Regulators and Air Flow Control Valves

Proportion-Air, Inc. is a manufacturer of electronic air pressure regulators and air flow control valves. Founded in 1985 by corporate President Daniel E. Cook Proportion-Air offers a large family of electronic air pressure regulators and air flow control valves that allow you to select the best product to match your exact application requirements.

P2 Profiler | Mini PLC

A simple programmable piecewise signal generator (mini PLC). The P2 Profiler is designed to work with or without your PLC to create, modify and run custom pressure (or flow, force, etc...) profiles with ease.

Proportion-Air - Who We Are

Proportion-Air, Inc. manufacturers electronic air pressure regulators and air flow control valves. Proportion-Air strives to be a leader of remarkable performance, exhibiting the qualities that define exceptional service.

Cylinder Speed Control Demonstration

With a Proportion-Air FA model flow controller, the traditional reservoir of oil is not necessary. The speed of your cylinder can be controlled with only compressed air.

MizAir - Improve AODD Efficiency

If your goal is to improve plant efficiency, and you use air operated pumps, then watch this video to see how the MizAir® saves energy costs by reducing air consumption.

Proportion-Air HoseGuard Simulation

The Proportion-Air HoseGuard is a tamper-proof, in-line safety regulator designed to protect personnel, equipment and facilities in the event of compressed air hose breaks.

QB3 Pedestal Replacement - UPDATED

In this video we demonstrate how to remove, inspect and replace the QB3 (electro-pneumatic pressure regulator) pedestal assembly. This is a simple procedure and can be performed in the field.

2015 May - Training School

Every year (spring & fall), Proportion-Air distributors from all over the world converge upon Indianapolis, Indiana to learn, teach, socialize and grow business. Check out this video from our latest school.

New Products at Proportion Air (Below)

GX High Pressure Control Valve | 1:1 Control up to 1,000 PSI

The GX is a complete re-design of Proportion-Air’s successful GP product. With this re-design we greatly improved the accuracy, resolution and repeatability of our high pressure control valve. A 50% weight reduction (with non O2 cleaned GX) from the GP has been achieved. The GX can also be used to pilot a volume booster to achieve much higher flowssee the GX2

Read More About the GX high pressure control valve

Pro-Air Mizer | Compressor Header Pressure Flow Controller

Typically compressed air goes to a header, or storage tank where it builds up pressure (capacitance) to distribute as needed. The build-up is necessary so the compressor doesn’t have to work constantly. Without the extra storage, it would be impossible to keep up with demand. Pro-Air Mizer controls header pressure and helps deliver stable and consistent pressure to all drops.

Read More About the Pro Air Mizer

Safety Regulators | For Pneumatic Tools & More

Proportion-Air's full line of pre-set miniature safety regulators designed to protect personnel, tools, machinery and plant facilities by providing a consistent and known output pressure regardless of supply pressure fluctuations. Also, click to learn more about the HoseGuard inline air fuse that provides protection against air lines, hoses and pipe breaks. These safety regulators are both affordable and effective because the pressures are factory set and tamper proof!

Read More About the Safety Regulators

the P2 Profiler | the Software Product You've Been Looking For

A simple programmable piecewise signal generator. Designed to work with or without your PLC to create, modify and run custom pressure profiles with ease.

Read More About the P2 Profiler
Proportion Air also has product distributors all over the world.
Here is a complete list of our International Distributors.

What Our Customers Say

  • What an excellent process you have for specifying parts for your customers. I am very impressed.

    Jamison B. - Monrovia, CA

  • I met with Bill today...He was impressed by your knowledge and application of your products and wanted me to thank you for your excellent support.

    Bob R. - Newark, CA

  • It is really a pleasure to work with Proportion-Air. You cannot imagine what kind of problems I have with some manufacturers. Thank you very much!

    Sungur - Istanbul, Turkey

  • I'm astonished for the quickest answer ever!

    Alessio B. -Bologna, Italy

  • I'm happy to report that the trial on the QPV1 has been going well. I'm quite impressed by the performance of the unit. I'm also very impressed by the service that I received from Nick Archer which I think merits specific attention. Nick has been extremely responsive to my emails and questions. He has been patient, has kept his word, and has always replied to me quickly with an answer or a reply to my questions. Nick has provided me with what I, and certainly others in my group, consider to be a perfect example of top notch high quality customer service.

    John C. - Columbus, Ohio

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