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Electronic Air Pressure Regulators and Air Flow Control Valves

Proportion-Air, Inc. is a manufacturer of electronic air pressure regulators and air flow control valves. Founded in 1985 by corporate President Daniel E. Cook Proportion-Air offers a large family of electronic air pressure regulators and air flow control valves that allow you to select the best product to match your exact application requirements.

Pro Air Mizer

Pro Air Mizer

Typically compressed air goes to a header, or storage tank where it builds up pressure (capacitance) to distribute as needed. The build-up is necessary so the compressor doesn’t have to work constantly. Without the extra storage, it would be impossible to keep up with demand. When compressed air is used, the pressure drops. There may be hundreds of drops during the day, and when there’s especially heavy usage it can drain the system. This causes the compressor to work harder, and often the next user won’t have enough air pressure. To combat the inconsistency and inefficiency of this system, some users cascade multiple compressors of different sizes. This allows different capacities for producing air. The hope is that by cascading, the tanks will work together, but sometimes they fight each other. While helpful in some situations, cascading is not a cure-all for the problem of inconsistent pressure.



The QB4 closed loop electronic pressure regulator can handle flow rates as high as 200 scfm forward flow and 300 scfm exhaust flow.  It works with pressures from vacuum to 150 psig.  The unit is made up of two solenoid valves, an internal pressure transducer and an electronic control circuit mounted to an integral volume booster. Output pressure is proportional to an electrical input (command signal).  Command signals come in a choice of either a differential 0-10 Vdc or 4-20mA.

QL3 High Resolution Pressure Control Valve


The QL3 allows high volumes of air to move quickly and precisely at pressures up to 150 psig using proportional solenoid valves with a unique analog PID circuit.  Ideal for use with flow meters, it provides high resolution and smooth pressure control at high and low flow rates and avoids the “steps” prevalent in most feed and bleed I/P’s. The output is proportional to the electrical input or command signal.

Proportion Air also has product distributors all over the world.

Here is a complete list of our International Distributors.

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