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The SaveAir is a preset, energy saving miniature safety regulator designed for installation in most compressed air systems. With factory set output pressure (that cannot be modified, adjusted or tampered with), the SaveAir delivers a constant and consistent pressure to your process regardless of input pressure fluctuations.

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SaveAir Downloads & Links
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SaveAir Technical Specifications
Max Inlet Pressure Weight Temp. Range P1 Inlet Thread
260 PSI (18 Bar) 2.9 oz. (82 g) 32 to 140°F (0 to 60°C) Female/Female
Housing: Zinc
Diaphragm: CR
Spindle: Brass
Spring: Stainless Steel
O-Ring: Nitrile Rubber
SaveAir Technical Specifications
Max Inlet Pressure
260 psig (18 bar)
2.9 oz. (82 g)
Temperature Range
32 to 140°F (0 to 60°C)
P1 Inlet Thread
Housing: Zinc
Diaphragm: CR
Spindle: Brass
Spring: Stainless Steel
O-Ring: Nitrile Rubber


Pre-regulation for most compressed air systems


Prevents compressed air waste

Highly reliable

Tamper proof

No pressure gauge needed

Easy to mount in any compressed air sytem

Provides consistent pressure reduction

Saves Energy | Reduces Cost

Increases tool/system service life

Prevents Dynamic Pressure Waste

Prevent Dynamic Pressure Waste

By delivering a specific known pressure, the SaveAir® prevents “Dynamic Pressure Waste” that can arise when the pressure and flow are unnecessarily higher (than specified by the manufacturer) at the withdrawal point. Dynamic pressure waste is very costly and difficult to eliminate, but not with SaveAir! This miniature pressure regulator has the outlet pressure preset at the factory. This can be installed before an electronic pressure regulator to reduce P1 pressure, pick and place units in automatic assembly systems or it can be used in automation for actuation devices.


Thread ConnectionMax Inlet PressureMax Regulated Output PressureMax FlowSaveAir Part Number
1/4" NPT260 psig (18 bar)15 psig14 scfmPPIR231AS1215
1/4" NPT260 psig (18 bar)23 psig14 scfmPPIR231AS1223
1/4" NPT260 psig (18 bar)30 psig14 scfmPPIR231AS1230
1/4" NPT260 psig (18 bar)45 psig14 scfmPPIR231AS1245
1/4" NPT260 psig (18 bar)60 psig14 scfmPPIR231AS1260
1/4" NPT260 psig (18 bar)75 psig14 scfmPPIR231AS1275
1/4" NPT260 psig (18 bar)90 psig14 scfmPPIR231AS1290
1/4" NPT260 psig (18 bar)100 psig14 scfmPPIR231AS12100
1/4" NPT260 psig (18 bar)120 psig14 scfmPPIR231AS12120

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