NEW: Part number update tools – for QBT and QPVT products purchased after June 2013. For parts purchased before that date, please contact our Applications Team for assistance with updating your part numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions about the QBT and QPVT retirements

Q: When is the official retirement date for these two products?

A: April 1, 2020.

Q: Why now?

A: While the QBT is popular, it does come with a challenge: The brass fittings on the sides may break off when the product is under stress. As soon as this became apparent, our engineers started working on solutions. They developed the QBX, a regulator with ports built into the manifold. It has the same dependable internal components with no external fittings to break off. Our applications team has been converting customers to the QBX for some time now.

The same challenge is present with the QPVT, one of our high-resolution regulators – we received reports from frustrated customers about the fittings breaking off. The newer model is the QPVM, designed with ports built into the manifold.

When the choice came between redesigning these products or having more frustrated customers, we went with redesign. The QBX has been available since 2013; the QPVM since 2015.

Q: Why together?

A: Because the canister and fittings are the same for both models, we chose to retire them at the same time.

Q: Which specific part numbers does this retirement apply to?

A: Affected standard part numbers begin with QB1T, QB2T, QPV1T and QPV2T. Other custom part numbers (usually beginning with PA) may be affected as well, depending on if they include a QBT or QPVT. Affected products purchased through our Burling Valve line before the 2018 part numbering merger begin with BVQB1T, BVQB2T, BVQPV1T and BVQPV2T.

Mass flow control products beginning with FQB2T are also included.

QB3T products are NOT part of the retirement – these components do not include the brass side fittings.

Q. What’s the rush? I still have more than 6 months.

A: If you’re certain that this change will be as easy as dropping in the new QBX or QPVM – and we anticipate that will be the case for many customers – then the next time you order, you can simply be transitioned to the new model. The “rush” is to determine if it’s a drop-in replacement. If you have questions about whether your application is compatible with the new product after you’ve reviewed the comparison table and the images below, please contact us ASAP.

If your application requires approvals or qualifications, contact us today. Perhaps yesterday, but time travel is not an application we’ve had much success with (yet). We want to avoid a backlog of requests.

Q. If I’ve bought a QBT or QPVT recently and need a repair, will you still fix it?

As long as your product adheres to our return materials authorization policy at the time an RMA is requested (currently 7 years from manufacture date), repairs may be possible.

The one-year warranty for QBT and QPVT products still applies to those built in the last year of production, for a latest possible warranty end date of March 31, 2021.

Q. My QBT or QPVT doesn’t look exactly like the images below. What does that mean?

A: Because we build every product to our customers’ specifications, your product may have modifications that affect its appearance. If the part number begins with QB1T, QB2T, QPV1T or QPV2T, or that series starting with BV, you have a part that will not be available for re-order after March 31, 2020.

Q. Will my new product have the same connector?

A. Yes, most QBX and QPVM come standard with a 6-pin Hirschmann connector. If your QBT or QPVT product had a different option for a connector, please contact our applications team to confirm its availability.

Q. The filter is an important part of my QBT/QPVT, and an external filter may not fit. What can I do?

A. Please contact our applications team to discuss options.

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