The SPV is a compact high resolution valve offering proportional pressure control with very fine repeatable pressure steps. This pressure controller utilizes a variable orifice valve on the inlet side which eliminates the digital steps of traditional ON/OFF solenoids. Ideal for very sensitive applications such leak testing at low pressures, dispensing and carrier gas applications.

Designed to trim all unnecessary size and weight while maintaining the exact same high performance of the larger more rugged QPV series. The single proportional solenoid design requires the SPV to be used in applications where that media is consumed downstream. This compact high resolution valve does not have the ability to exhaust downstream pressure, only fill and control during constant flow conditions.

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Max P2 (PSI)

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SPV Technical Specifications


Pressure RangeAccuracyRepeatabilityMax Flow
Vacuum thru 150 PSI (10.3 Bar)±0.25% F.S.±0.02% F.S.Based on inlet valve orifice size
Port SizeDurabilityMedia TempsFiltration
10-32 UNF or M5Immune to shock & vibration (up to 25 Gs)-4 to 131°F (-20-55°C)40 Micron
Ambient TempsMounting OptionsResolution
-4 to 158°F (-20-70°C)DIN Rail, Panel & Manifold±0.015% F.S.

DIN Rail & Panel Mount | SPV1 & SPV2

The SPV1 is a compact high resolution pressure control valve. Pressure is controlled by the use of a single (true) proportional solenoid valve. This proportional solenoid valve functions as inlet control to a process. The output pressure is measured by the on-board pressure transducer. The transducer signal is constantly compared with the users command signal. A difference between the two signals causes the proportional valve to open more or close, allowing flow in or out of the process. This SPV1 can be DIN Rail mounted or panel mounted. It is small, compact and very repeatable.

> SPV2 available with external sense

Manifold Mount | SPV1 & SPV2

The operation of the manifold mountable version of the SPV1 is the same as the operation for the DIN Rail and Panel mount versions. The main difference is the location of the output port and exhaust port. In the manifold mountable version, the high resolution proportional SPV1 can be mounted on a signle manifold, up to 12 SPVs can be mounted on the same manifold. The manifold offers a shared inlet source and a shared exhast port for all SPVs. However, each SPV controls a seperate process. Control vacuum, positive pressure or vacuum through positive pressure with this compact high resolution pressure controller.

> SPV2 available with external sense


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