Tire Buildup

Tire Buildup

Tire Buildup

As a tire is being built, the tire building drum which the tire is built around needs to be inflated and deflated quickly and accurately. This sketch shows a QB2/RM-Series Regulator/DS-transducer assembly controlling pressure into the building drum on a tire buildup application.

High speed fill and exhaust is important to keep up with throughput requirements. The Proportion-Air electronic pressure regulator assembly is a good choice here because of its ability to achieve forward flows up to 2,000 SCFM and reverse flows as high as 200 SCFM using the RM-Series Regulator. The overall assembly repeatability of ±0.02% of full scale calibration ensures that pressure is the same in the building drum with each and every tire manufactured.

As in this sketch, a QB4 can also be used to control pressure in the drum. The QB4 also offers high forward and reverse flow, but in a one-piece complete package.

This sketch also shows another electronic proportional valve assembly controlling force on the lay on roll as the tire is built. This cylinder is applying stitching force to a tread pad.

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