Inflatable Cuff Leak Test

Inflatable Cuff Leak Test

Inflatable Cuff Leak Test

Inflatable pliable cuffs are used to isolate broken limbs in emergency situations for transport. Proportion-Air electronic regulators are ideal for inflatable cuff leak test applications.

Generally, very low pressures are required to test for leaks and great repeatability is necessary for product batch verification. Proportion-Air can produce products with a full scale calibration range as low as 0 to 2 Inches of water column (0 to 0.073 PSI) with accuracy of ±0.2% and repeatability of ±0.02% of the full scale calibration.

In this sketch, a QPV is being used to smoothly ramp pressure to the cuff and test for leaks.

Learn more abou the QPV here.

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