Hazardous Environment Pressure Control

Hazardous Environment Pressure Control

Controlling Pressure in a Hazardous Environment

Proportion-Air manufactures two electronic regulators that are FM approved for hazardous environment pressure control applications. These devices can be used to control hazardous media directly or indirectly with volume boosters for increased flow rates and speed.

In this application, an intrinsically safe ISQB1 is controlling the pressure of nitrogen in a hazardous environment. This is a low pressure tank blanketing application. The ISQB is FM approved intrinsically safe with the use of barriers. The ISQB is controlling the dome of the Burling Valve dome-loaded PABD series pressure regulator, perfect for hazardous and industrial enviornments.

The ISQB is an intrinsically safe valve and Factory Mutual (FM) approved for Class I, II & III; Groups C, D, E, F & G

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