Force Belt Test

Force Belt Test

Force Belt Test

A QB2 is controlling the force applied to test the breaking point of sandpaper belts. In this force belt test, a Proportion-Air QB2 extends the cylinder out to achieve the desired force. The load cell senses the force and provides a 0 to 10Vdc feedback to the QB2 via the signal amplifier. The solenoid valve is used to extend and retract the cylinder. The QB2 monitor feedback signal is wired to the panel meter, which displays the force being applied to the belt.

The QB2 can be configured to accept a variety of feedback signals from many different types of transducers. These feedback signals allow the QB2 to “close the loop” around the sensed measurement.

Proportion-Air products have been used to control Force, Tension, Position, Temperature, Torque and more.

Learn more about the QB2X here and here

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