CMP Polishing Force Control

CMP Polishing Force Control

CMP Polishing Force Control

The process known as Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) is often used in the semiconductor industry to polish silicone wafers into useable products for hard drives and other computer components. CMP polishing force control is a vital part of the CMP process. If the force is not consistent and repeatable during the polishing process, the wafer can be damaged permanently – and it is an extremely expensive process to produce these wafers.

Semiconductor wafers are ground and polished to a mirror finish. Typically low or no friction cylinders are used for the finest control of force. The QPV1 electronic control valve is used to control force on the polishing cylinders. Resolution of ±0.005% of full scale calibration allows for minute changes in force. Repeatability of ±0.02% of full scale ensures that the same force is generated with the same command signal all the time. The analog monitor signal output is from downstream pressure is available on the main electrical connector of the QPV1 and can be used for constant data acquisition.

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